Tuesday, March 24, 2009


four members of assassin whole mouth mouth, jm and ht on side one, sk and di on side two. side one is nauseating scree w/ sheet metal blows to the face, side two is a failed spelunking expedition into strobe-lit hollow disco balls. each copy colored w/ crayons, no two alike. edition of who knows. gone, but i think i saw a copy in phonographic records in tremont?.

#2 COMMONWEALTH JAZZ ENSEMBLE 'percussion is hard' c12 (split release w/language foundry)
i threw a bunch of varied instruments out of a second story window onto a crowded street, and invited everyone who caught one inside. i fed them all whippits and red bull, and said "play". they proved to be tremont's most deranged, play two copies of that HARVESTER record at different speeds simultaneously and you'll get the idea. rad packaging. edition of 30. gone.

a local group of mutants who finally have a full tape out after a year of offending people aurally, visually, and, uh...olefactory-like at venues throughout cleveland. side one is a wino taking 11 minutes to fall from where he's standing into a pool of paint, complete with free jazz drumming and cruddy electronics. side two is like the brothers bishop at 100 years old jamming with zombies that have the derek bailey kind of carpel tunnel. uncomfortable. each cassette case painted differently with up to 6 different kinds of paints that will no doubt come off in your hands and leave trails wherever it goes. edition of 40. available for $6 pp.

#4 TEMPLE FUGATE 'temple fugate remembers' 32 min. cd-r
bizzare sounds from ancient sources reconstructed to fit the narrator's life. this one guy spaces out on throbbing organs and guitars strung with tin cans over scratches and record samples. hypnodrones with spikes and toxic waste pools. thrown together in a slimline case w/ stickers, paintpens, sharpies, spraypaint. originally came with "surviving 2012" mini-pamphlet, but were withdrawn once everyone realized there is no escape. edition of 34. sold out, still available at tomentosa records.

#5 DEAD CORPORATE EYES 'acolyte/old & sour' c12
unnerving ambient-like guitar sweeping, like a flying saucer attack record turned down really low, than side B accompanies the levitation with something that sounds like a collection of guitars being thrown down the stairs...accented by strange guitar tones that sound like late 70s tangerine dream??? I don't know how else to describe it other than completely bizzare and out of left field. this guy is the current title holder of WCSB's cassettefest. excellent worm art by r. rosin. edition of 25. gone.

#6 ASSASSIN WHOLE MOUTH MOUTH 'the master of prog' 43 minute cd-r
the sounds of mummies feeding loads of hash to an innocent high school rock trio and then off-mic reads them the egyptian book of the dead while they're drooling on their instruments during practice. complete with drums played with rope and experimental turntable storytime. packaged in neon poster paint and aluminum foil for picking up anti-gravity hotspots around your neighborhood. edition of 40. gone.

#7 TEMPLE FUGATE 'tuned to the music of the spheres' c12
hand-held synths and old transistor radios jaw with humpback whales in a psychokinetic sacrifice of ego, while on side two a ukulele seance smears chilly basement moan-a-thons. conveniently comes packaged in a styrofoam brick so you can send it out to lake erie to sleepswim with the fish carcasses. a small clear quartz lemurian crystal is included for amplification of downer vibes. edition of 30-ish. available for $5 pp.

side one household braindead vomit noise, like you're in a coma, or playing video games and not even realize you are listening to music. your mom is doing the dishes and vacuuming but instead of the sound waves going into your ears now, they skip a day and go into your ears tomorrow. side two someone is talking but all you hear is bird sounds. packaged hastily w/ slapdash paint + stickers. edition of 30. available for $5 pp.

#9 TIT 'pointless jams vol.1' 53 minute cd-r
all rockist can/hawkwind imitations where the jig is up by the second minute and it just sounds like your friends getting all stoned/coked up and trying to play like brotzmann octet with guitars replacing everything. it's annoying for awhile but then i tranced out and when i woke up i had a puke-caked copy of the first forced exposure zine in my right hand and the year was 1992. i dunno. packaged in fancy cardboard digipax with spraypainted cds and stuff. edition of 21. gone.

#10 FALLING DOWN RUM BAND 'untitled' 56 minute cd-r
found these in some exposed piano innards. treading some no-neck/vanishing voice entrails, and definitely "middle of the forest funeral music for the hypnotized BY the hypnotized" type wailings. some dead c ripping off at the end where some kids who were found obviously on oxycontin and talking to spiders. only a few were found packaged with lost pieces of photographs and copper wire twisted into weird symbols. edition of 10. still have some by probably gone by the time anyone reads this.

elite shrooms cd-r
begging priest cs (reissue) (seriously this time!)
orange luna temple cs
field recordings from the peruvian amazon cs

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